The universal blocker


Unspecifically blocks respiratory viruses causing the common cold


Blocks allergens on the mucosal surface


Adds moisturizing film to mucosal surfaces

Product Portfolio

Currently, seven Carragelose-containing products for the prophylaxis and treatment of viral respiratory diseases have been marketed in wide parts of the world. For 2024, the launch of an allergen-blocking nasal spray and mositurizing eye drops is planned. In addition, a Carragelose inhalation solution is in development.

Nasal Sprays

Throat Sprays


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Mode of Action

Carragelose forms a protective layer on mucosal surfaces that prevents viruses and allergens from interacting with the mucosal surface. Furthermore, it adds a moisturizing film that helps to keep the mucosa in the nasal cavity and in the throat resilient and as ophthalmic formulation, provides relief of dry eyes.


  • Clinically validated and patent protected
  • Favourable safety profile - also to be used in children older than one year
  • Unspecific blocker against various external influences, such as viruses or allergens
  • Full-season and versatile product portfolio
  • CE-certified (MDD)
  • Carragelose products are classified as medical devices and are on track for MDR transition