Carragelose® containing products launched

All Carragelose® containing products are part of an OTC product portfolio targeting the common cold and flu-like diseases and to help treat viral infections of the respiratory tract. The products are launched in several European as well as non-European countries. Furthermore, all liquid products are preservative- and sugar-free and can be used from an age of 1 year as well as during pregnancy and lactation.

The nasal mucosa has a major role in the immune response, thus making it vital to keep it moist and clean. Common cold and flu-like illness are mostly caused by viral infections and enter the body usually through a dry nose and dried mucosa. Carragelose® containing nasal sprays form a moisturizing protective film on the nasal mucosa and act as a barrier against viruses.

BETACARE™ COLD DEFENCE nasal spray, Mundipharma Ltd.

BETACARE™ COLD DEFENCE kids nasal spray, Mundipharma Ltd.

BETADINE™ COLD DEFENCE NASAL SPRAY, Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd

BETADINE™ KIDS COLD DEFENCE NASAL SPRAY, Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd

BETADINE® COLD DEFENSE nasal spray, Mundipharma

BETADINE® COLD DEFENSE Kids nasal spray, Mundipharma

QUIXX® protectBerlin-Chemie AG


The oral and pharynx mucosa is in combination with the nose the path of infection for viral induced common colds. Typical first symptoms are irritation of the throat and sore throat, induced by dry pharynx. Further causes for sore throat or hoarseness can be long speeches, smoking or unsuitable climate.

Carragelose® containing lozenges form a moisturizing protective film on the oral and pharynx mucosa. Due to the long-lasting moistening lozenges can prevent from all typical common cold symptoms.